MEP Films. One for all your needs.

Energy Control Films.
With Energy Control Window Films from MEP Films up to 79% of solar energy is blocked from entering the home and office. In addition, up to 30% of heat loss can be prevented in winter. Applying MEP 'Energy Star' WERS rated films to homes commercial building windows could dramatically reduce energy expenditure caused by heat gain and/or loss through the glass by up to 70%. These films are also designed to block out 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays whilst reducing glare by up to 85% - providing more comfortable living and working environments.

Safety and Security Films.
Magnum Safety and Security Films are designed to prevent glass from shattering or to safely contain the glass shards in the event of breakage.

They exhibit impressive impact energy absorption, glass fragment retention and extreme penetration resistance qualities. MEP's Anti-Graffiti Films are also included in this range.

Cover-Up Anti-Graffiti Films.
These films are the simple solution to graffiti and vandalism. They can be applied to all glazed surfaces and many other smooth non-porous surfaces to provide an effective invisible barrier against damage. They act as a sacrificial layer between the vandal and your property and with their special mounting adhesive are easy to remove and replace.

The 'Night Series' Films.
The remarkable Night Series retrofit film is designed to cut down internal refection both day and night plus delivering an uninterrupted non reflective outlook just like clear glass.

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