Magnum Safety Film.
Made from a high quality polyester film, MSF or the safety film is bonded securely to glass with a special strengthening adhesive designed to absorb impact and resist shattering:

  • Decreases the risk of injury from flying glass

  • Holds broken shards of glass together

  • Offers protection from severe weather and wind-borne debris

  • Meets AS/NZS2208 standards

Magnum Security Film.
Manufactured utilising complex multi-layered laminating processes of polyester films - confronted with a window fitted with Magnum Security Film, burglars and vandals are less likely to persevere:

All the properties of Magnum Safety Film plus:

  • Resists an unwelcome intrusion

  • Protects property

  • Protection and security for building occupants

  • Meets AS/NZS2208 standards

  • Used where blast protection is a requirement. GSA* rated.


Vandal Resistant Anti Graffiti Film.
Applied as a crystal clear retro-fit film and is suitable for interior and exterior surfaces such as glass, mirrors or stainless steel. It protects from the permanent and expensive damage caused by vandalism and graffiti without affecting appearance:

  • See technical bulletin

  • Saves time and money

  • Removal and replacement of film is fast and simple

  • Can be used in most cases to reduce the visible signs of scratches in glass.





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